Strobius Gel Kit LITE

Strobius Gel Kit LITE is an extremely portable and affordable solution to add some coloring to your portrait/object lighting. You can mount filters/gels directly onto the flash/speedlite.

Strobius Gel Kit LITE includes:
  • 5 color correction filters
  • 3 color effects filters
  • 2 diffusion filters
  • Strobius branded Silicon Band for mounting
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Strobius Gel Kit LITE is a portable yet elegant solution for coloring your portrait photography.
Designed by professional photographers filters can easily be mounted right onto the speedlite by Strobius branded silicon band and are compatible with almost any speedlite:

Usage Scenarios

Color effects filters:
  • Background coloring
  • Object coloring
  • Picture tone modifying
  • Color enhancement / enforcement (saturation increase)
  • Imitation of certain lighting sources
Color correction filters:
  • Color temprature control for light sources of different types
  • "Mixing" color temperatures for different artistic effects
  • Imitation of certain lighting conditions
Diffusion filters:
  • Lighting source output limitation
  • Lighting characteristics adjustment

Package Includes

  1. Filters (140x50 mm)* - 10 pcs:
    • Color correction filters - 5 pcs
    • Сolor effects filters - 3 pcs
    • Diffusion filters - 2 pcs
  2. Strobius branded Silicon Band for mounting - 1 pc

*NB: due to manufacturing limitations filters may have slightly uneven edges which does not affect the productivity.

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