Strobius Standard Boom Arm 60 cm (24")

Strobius StandardBoom Arm 60 cm (24") is a multipurpose extension for booms and light stands.
It gives you a flexibility working with either sole speedlight or whole light-modifier.

  1. Customizes umbrella softbox angles
  2. Extends light stand
  3. Improves lighting boom stand's flexibility
  4. Part of boom counterweight system
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A simple and elegant solution that adds flexibility to speedlight setting and helps to overcome the inconveniences of some light-modifiers.

Usage Scenarios

1. Working with umbrella-type softboxes

Umbrella-type softboxes have one big disadvantage: you hardly can control the аngle with default equipment. Using Strobius Standard Boom Arm with Strobius UNI System (or Phottix Varos Pro BG / BG II holder or any other standard bracket) you will be able to set your softbox at a necessary angle, even up to 90 degrees.

2. Light stand extension

Common stands rarely are more than 2 m (6' 7") high, which is not enough sometimes. With Strobius Standard Boom Arm connected to the stand, you can reach the height needed for your perfect photo.

3. Lighting boom stand flexibility

There are cases when the light source should be placed above the subject (e.g. light setups such as "butterfly" or "paramount"). However, with default equipment setup, the stand gets in the shot. Strobius Standard Boom Arm helps to avoid such situations letting you perfectly place the light source keeping the stand at a distance.

In addition

Strobius Standard Boom Arm can be used as a boom counterweight in standing background and collapsible reflectors support systems.


  • Material: aluminum tube, 2 mm wall thickness
  • Tube tips: red-hot duralumin D16
  • Length: 60 cm (24 in)
  • Weight: 0.22 kg (0.5 lb)

Package Includes

  1. Strobius Standard Boom Arm 60 cm (24")

Brackets and holders are not included! Recommended to use with Strobius UNI System (or Phottix Varos Pro BG / BG II holder or any other standard bracket)

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