Camera/Flash Bracket Strobius Frame II 35-60 cm (14-24″)

Strobius Frame II is a camera/flash bracket with telescopic 35-60 cm (14-24") arm, specifically designed for on-the-go lighting and shooting.

  • Telescopic 35-60 cm (14-24") arm for customizable speedlight distance from camera.
  • Neoprene handle for convenient grip.
  • Solid enough to handle not only speedlights, but softboxes as well.
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A camera/flash bracket with telescopic 35-60 cm (14-24") arm, Strobius Frame II is designed to customize speedlight distance from the camera lens and thereby get an optimal light-shadow picture in reportage photography.
Strobius Frame II is especially helpful when shooting space is limited (so there is no possibility to mount the flash on the stand) or when the subject is in motion.

Solid design and materials allow you to use not only lightweight speedlights but softboxes as well. Strobius Frame II perfectly suits external battery-powered flashes.

Telescopic arm-holder is based on Strobius Boom Arms mechanism and complemented by camera bracket Strobius MF-018 at the bottom, fixed by double threaded connections (with one reverse thread).


  • Material: aluminum tube, with a wall thickness – 2 mm
  • Tube tips: red-hot duralumin D16
  • Maximum extension: 60 cm (24 in)
  • Minimum extension: 35 cm (14 in)
  • Handle: neoprene, 20 cm (8 in)
  • Weight: 0.33 kg (0.73 lb)

Package Includes

  1. Camera/Flash Bracket Strobius Frame II 35-60 cm (14-24″)

Flash shoe, brackets and holders are not included! Recommended to use with Strobius UNI System (or Phottix Varos Pro BG / BG II holder or any other standard bracket).

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